We had plenty of ideas within our own team, but Nova Reperta helped us change the bigger picture.

ING Lease Belgium

With Nova Reperta, we had an agreement based on results. A project is considered finished only when the people had reached a run time and level of efficiency.


“I was one of the sceptics at the beginning of this project,” Sandra Montag admits. As a team lead at the time, she knew what needed to change, but didn’t see how it could be achieved. “Looking at the tools that Nova Reperta introduced and the bottom-up empowerment...


November Five and Nova Reperta have translated our needs and ambitions into effective and efficient digital solutions. Speeding up our digital transformation and helping us expand beyond our traditional channels.

Agile transformation

More adaptive capacity, greater teamwork and productivity, improved customer satisfaction and so on, all originating from software development: the potential benefits of Agile have been well demonstrated across a wide spectrum of other sectors and functions. What have...