If you’re good we’ll make you better. If you’re great we’ll make you awesome. Some call it “a steep learning curve”, we call it taking your personal growth to the next level.

We rise by lifting others.

At Nova Reperta, you decide your own path and you’re the driver of your personal development.

Once you made the cut we already know you’re good. In your job and with people. Now we are going to make you awesome. We, that’s all of us: colleagues, partners, and of course our customers. We want to see you grow, discover and attain your dream.

Whether that ultimate dream lies within consulting, entrepreneurship, corporate C-level… We are proud to guarantee a steep learning curve in the right direction and always have your back to support you in your dreams.

We rise by lifting others.
What sets us apart is not what we do but how we do it

What sets us apart is not what we do but how we do it

We are a committed and driven team of consultants, combining a tremendous wealth of experience in different domains, industries and environments, creating an inspiring place to work. We put as much emphasis on IQ as EQ, and connect with our clients at all levels: from the shopfloor to the boardroom, front-stage and back-stage.

We’re offering a broad and comprehensive range of services – from strategy execution to company transformation – which allows us to respond to many different challenges our clients are facing. We’re a close-knit team of professionals who enjoy working together, not only among colleagues but also with our clients: we shape the future together & create real impact.

The way we work

Creating impact together: It’s not about slides or copy/pasting methodologies. It’s all about listening, co-creating, solving problems, tackling challenges and going for true change.

Connection at all levels: We connect to all levels in an organization. Why? Because it’s crucial: building a strategy in the boardroom without knowing what happens on the shopfloor is useless, and vice versa, transforming a team without knowing where we’re heading and without involvement of the leadership is a recipe for failure.

Linking front-stage & back-stage: we focus on both front-stage (Customer-Centric functions) and back-stage (Operations), and the link between them, because one without the other can’t survive or be successful.

Business & Digital: Digital is not just a fad for us. It’s essential in any modern business, and we see it as one of the key drivers for business success today and in the years to come.

The way we work
As in every family: just be you

As in every family: just be you

No matter how many masters you’ve collected, there has to be a click. If there’s a vibe, both of us need to feel it.

Once you’re in, you’ll see we’re a vibrant bunch of people, open to each other, like a family, like a visit to the pub with your most interesting friends. And it has to feel that way. And above all we are a team, a tribe if you want. We’re there for each other and we fight for one another.

We expect you to have ideas of your own, take initiative, and we’ll listen and encourage you to act on them. But also participate, contribute, engage. That’s how you grow and learn. Fast. With the help of colleagues and partners.

So it’s simple, really: trust your gut, be great, be open, be human, be yourself.

We are hiring

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Triggered by the way we work and the opportunities we create for every individual’s personal growth? We are constantly looking for good people to strengthen our team in Belgium & the Netherlands. Whether you have 1 year or 10 years of experience. As long as there is a click.

Life at Nova Reperta

Management consultants with a twist – based on a strong company DNA. You’re part of a group with healthy ambitions who are willing to go the extra mile for the client, for the company and for the colleagues. We are in it together. But with respect for the individual and everyone’s aspirations and ambitions.

As of day 1 you are respected part of the team – regardless of age or seniority. You are a part of the tribe. You are a Novist!