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Change is inevitable in any business. Whether it’s implementing a new process, new products, a new way of working, a new methodology, a new strategy, a new team structure, etc., successfully being able to take people from the current state to the desired state, with the least amount of resistance, is a key success factor in a fast moving world that requires businesses to be agile and responsive to any form of challenge that comes their way.

Knowing how to manage change – or when multiple changes are involved: a larger transformation -, and especially dealing with the “human side” of change, therefore, is a crucial skill every business needs to excel in to stay on top of their game or embark on new adventures.

And it’s not only about winning the hearts & minds of people, but making sure the changes land, and above all, stick, to yield lasting results.


Your pains mapped out

Dealing with complex changes

Dealing with drastic or even negative changes

Dealing with a large number of changes (e.g., many “improvement” projects at the same time), causing the absorption capacity of the organization to be stretched / under stress

Dealing with many stakeholders involved in the change, with sometimes very different interests

Dealing with resistance that was not anticipated

Noticing that with communication alone, the changes do not land or stick

Loosing momentum and energy along the change or transformation journey

Noticing that changes that took a lot of effort to implement are not lasting and disparate over time

They trust us

Don’t just take it from us

How we make our mark

How we make our mark

Step 1


Together we analyse the desired change, and identify (and get to know) the groups of people (or populations) who will play a role in designing, implementing, anchoring and/or reinforcing the changes. We also assess to what extent they will be impacted by the change, and what resistance might be expected. Lastly, we assess what elements in the broader context of the impacted populations will either block or enable the change (like processes, procedures, objectives, structures, reinforcement mechanisms, etc.). We base our analyses on scientifically proven and experientially tried-and-tested psychological models about how change “works” and which levers can influence change.



Step 2


We then build the most appropriate change journey for the impacted populations, in the form of a Change Roadmap (or Transformation Plan), with the right change activities, in the right dosage. Here we go beyond “only communication”, and tap in to a wide range of possible change activities that can make a true difference.
We also set up a Change or Transformation Office to drive the change journey forward, coordinate the execution of the Change Roadmap or Transformation Plan, and monitor results. We then prepare the key populations for the role they are going to play in the change (through workshops, trainings, train-the-trainer sessions, etc.).


Step 3


We support the execution of the Change Roadmap or Transformation Plan in an agile way, to ensure a mix of quick wins and preparing for long(er) term change. We can take different roles here, based on your needs: as lead, support, coach, etc. Through the Change or Transformation Office we continuously monitor the adoption levels & absorption capacity of the impacted populations, to make sure we’re staying on the right track. We also measure the “hard” results (i.e., what the change ultimately needs to achieve in terms of business results) to see whether the Change or Transformation Plan is yielding the envisioned results.


A flexible approach

Your next move

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