Our company

Nova Reperta was founded in 2011 in Brussels, and has since grown into an established and international consultancy company, managed by dynamic 6 partners.

Set up in 2011, we are now active in Europe, with offices in Brussels and Amsterdam. Our clients are mostly medium to large corporates but they can be anybody that has the guts to look beyond tomorrow and go for excellence. They count on us to help them improve: together we change, reverse, transform, digitize, adapt, rethink and execute.

Nova Reperta help companies to set a clear course for success and cultivate the strategies, processes, tools and mindset they need. So they can do more with the same. Put their customer at the heart of everything they do. Cherish their human capital. And do it fast.

That is how our 60 seasoned consultants and managers sharing an entrepreneurial drive transform this mission (almost) impossible into an adventure for their organization. One that paves the way to new solutions, new markets, new revenue streams and new opportunities for profit and growth.

What’s in a name?

Nova Reperta (new discoveries) refers to a series of 20 illustrations made by the Bruges Renaissance artist Joannes Stradanus around 1590 in Florence.

Each illustration depicts a new discovery, setting off a modern innovation against ancient times.

Our partners

Eljakim Caus

Like life, consulting is all about fun and relationships. It is joy that brings great solutions.

Filip Leflot
Managing Partner

Summarising Nova Reperta in one word: Exciting!
Exciting colleagues, exciting projects, exciting content and challenges, exciting to grow as a professional & exciting fun after work!

François Barbellion

Life is short, eat dessert first!

François Delfosse

Our purpose is to help mobilize people and resources to transformation towards sustainable ways of living and doing business. I am energized everyday helping companies to become future proof (3P – Profit, People, Planet).

Nick Dieltiens

“To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.” – Henri Bergson

So Folks: Let Go To Grow, Embrace the Fun side and Love Living!

Omar Mohout

Nova Reperta’s pragmatic approach working in cocreation with its clients to create significant impact is the reason I joined this entrepreneurial company.

Your next move

Wherever your transformation journey may take you, let’s have a coffee first.

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Our team

More than a management consulting company, Nova Reperta is led by a team of talented, inspiring & dedicated professionals. Let’s discover the people behind Nova Reperta.

Our values

Being entrepreneurial, pragmatic, inclusive, trustworthy & always exploring … these are the foundation of who we are and what we achieve – collectively!