Life at Nova Reperta

Who we are is what makes us different. Making sure that everyone of the team thrives because of the work we do, the things we learn and the fun we have together.


We make sure everyone thrives in their daily work & is passionate about the problems we help our clients to solve and the impact we help to achieve.



We invest in continuous learning & development to ensure we stay relevant and our people stay challenged!


We spend more time together with colleagues than at home – so we make sure people have fun and nurture our company culture!

Quantum Leap Day

A day shared with the entire team to be inspired, get some fresh energy, challenge ourselves and Nova Reperta on key topics, build a strong company culture & simply… have fun!

Goal: work, share + learn & have fun!

Nova Reperta Summer/Winter Events

Nova Reperta Events

A day for the employees and their families to spend some real quality time together. Beach, sports, food & a lot of laughter is what creates a real feel good.

A shortski with the team to connect on a different level. Sports, sun, party, laughter… Making sure everyone leaves with a great sense of belonging.

Goal: Have fun!

DITO, Training, Basecamp​

A full calendar of sharing & learning activities: whether during a bootcamp to get submerged with the culture after joining the team, whether once a month during the DITO to share experiences internally or with external speakers, …

Goal: work, share + learn & have fun!


We are hiring

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Triggered by the way we work and the opportunities we create for every individual’s personal growth? We are constantly looking for good people to strengthen our team in Belgium & the Netherlands. Whether you have 1 year or 10 years of experience. As long as there is a click.

How they experience their life at Nova Reperta