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By 2050, 67% of the world energy supply
should be renewable

The industry will move form a uni-directional fossil-based global system, to a consumer centric, multi-directional, interchangeable and variable regional system. Conservative industries will transform or disappear, new industries will rise and grow, and economies, productivity, and global trades will merge and optimise.

However, the necessary speed of change is faster than a normal markets are able to absorb, and therefore governmental stimulus and direction is essential, and given. Subsidies, policies, taxation and investments are supporting our  accelerated need for a NetZeroCarbon, or better still, a fully circular energy system.

The overall global roadmap towards 2050 is set. What does this mean for you?

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To make this transition, different value chains will have to merge and overcome a number of global, digital and transformation challenges:

  • Scale production to renewable energy,
  • Merge different energy markets into consumer centric and flexible delivery,
  • Optimize transport of renewable energy,
  • Move to dynamic energy management,
  • Digitalize to accelerate an integrated system.

What can Nova Reperta do for you?

  • Operational and digital transformation,

  • Operationalise new strategies and innovation use-cases,

  • Manage and animate innovation accelerators,

  • Post-merger integration in merging markets,

  • Optimise operations, and refocus resources towards future,

  • Rejuvenate processes, organisational structures and approaches towards planet proof companies.

Energy transition is a clear challenge for our society

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