“I was one of the sceptics at the beginning of this project,” Sandra Montag admits. As a team lead at the time, she knew what needed to change, but didn’t see how it could be achieved. “Looking at the tools that Nova Reperta introduced and the bottom-up empowerment they advocated right from the start, I quickly changed my view. We had plenty of ideas to implement within our own team, but Nova Reperta helped us change the bigger picture”

That empowerment was extremely important. “We are a compliance-driven department, yet we have the reflex to ask ourselves why we do something in a certain way. You can’t change a ‘law’, but you can change procedures. If we can argue why we should optimize and how we can do it, we will always be heard. That drive for improvement is here to stay.”

“Now, 96% of our customers use their online account”