At Nova Reperta, we help our clients first by operationalizing their digital/innovation roadmap – from design to orchestrating its roll-out. We bring disciplined decision-making to the table – but also use the latest scale-ups trends to add relevant outside-in perspectives.

On structural cost optimization, we go well beyond the usual focus on operational excellence – also addressing process mining, automation and digitization. Leveraging our ecosystem of partners to support in adjacent areas when required (blockchain, tracability, real world data, etc).

Last, we help to build organizations centered around true customer/patient-centricity. First redesigning the patient/customer journeys that matter. Then rethinking Value Chains end-to-end – building more agile, efficient and modular organizations that not only boost collaboration across teams but also ensure a true steering of end-to-end performance.

By transforming the journeys that matter to the stakeholders who matter most, pharmaceutical companies can again lay solid foundations for future growth and tap into the opportunities emerging from disruption.