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Nova Reperta’s Digital Lean principles, powered by Process Mining and Microsoft Graph API, unveils hidden insights in your digital footprint, enabling faster thinking, wiser decisions, and prompt action. Stay ahead with our Lean Management digital toolbox on Microsoft Teams, elevate decision-making precision with automated Lean tools, and embrace ‘smart automation’ for streamlined processes. Experience the transformative power of AI-augmented Capacity Management in workforce dynamics. Optimize, automate, and lead confidently.

Digital footprint

Uncovering the ‘hidden’ data in your organisation

Empower your organization with data-driven decisions. Our advanced scanning utilizes Process Mining and Microsoft Graph API to reveal hidden insights in your digital footprint. By optimizing processes, we enable you to think faster, decide wiser, and act promptly. Join a league of informed decision-makers and make bright choices. It begins with a quick scan – your pathway to enhanced efficiency and strategic advantage.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to optimize processes and stay ahead in the game.

Digital ways of working

Lean tools adapted to the ‘new ways of working’

Stay ahead of workforce dynamics with our Lean Management digital toolbox on Microsoft Teams. Adapt seamlessly to multi-locations and remote work, ensuring your toolkit evolves with your needs. Join a community of excellence where bright choices are made. Our solution empowers collaboration, enhancing efficiency in Lean Management practices. Elevate your approach, stay agile, and lead with confidence. Experience the future of Lean with our Microsoft Teams integration—designed for a seamless, dynamic, and efficient journey towards operational excellence.

Act today for a leaner, more efficient tomorrow. Upgrade your toolkit and lead with confidence.

Digital Lean Management stands out as a strategic priority in operational excellence

Read the 2-page white paper on DLM that we wrote together with Frederic Brouillet. We hope it inspires you and we’re here to help.

You can download it here below:

Digital Lean Maturity

Automated Lean tools with live data

Navigate the challenges of Lean Tools accuracy with our solution. Join a community committed to precise decision-making. Unlock operational efficiency using our automated Lean toolbox, providing real-time data for empowered leaders. In the pursuit of excellence, choose a path where every choice is a bright one. Elevate your management practices and ensure the accuracy of your Lean Tools. Experience a serious commitment to quality decision-making – it starts with us.

Ready to elevate your Lean Tools accuracy?


Cutting-edge technology applies to your processes

Revitalize your team’s productivity through advanced solutions. If non-value add or manual tasks are slowing you down, you’re not alone. Join a community of excellence where bright choices drive success. Utilize ‘smart automation’ powered by RPA and Generative AI to streamline tasks, enhance efficiency, and cut costs. Optimization is our expertise, and it all begins with a quick scan. Elevate your processes, minimize manual efforts, and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

Experience the transformative power of smart automation with us.

Workforce Management

AI augmented Capacity Management

Is your organization grappling with resource alignment amid fluctuating workloads, causing delays and productivity dips? Navigate wisely to ensure brighter outcomes. Transform Work Allocation and Capacity Management with cutting-edge AI insights, incorporating ERP data, Tasks by Planner, Outlook meetings, and your team’s proficiencies. Witness streamlined workflows, reduced delays, and heightened productivity.

Forge ahead into a future defined by intelligent decisions.

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Optimising your processes is what we do.
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