“We were on the threshold of big changes on the software development and IT Operations front, and also wanted to further optimize our BPO services,” the former CEO of Raet recalls. Members of his staff suggested contacting Nova Reperta, which had guided the BPO Division of Raet through a successful initial operational excellence programme in 2011-2012. “Nova Reperta was immediately committed 100%.”

Failure demand in software development

How can we reduce the time spent on software bugs, errors and outages – and spend more time on value-added activities?

Way of working and mindset

How can we build an agile organization that delights both clients and employees?

Capacity management in BP

How can we achieve optimal productivity in services by making smart and optimal use of available resources & skills?

Looking back

“We embarked on an ambitious change journey. On the one hand, Nova Reperta helped introduce new ways of software development, with better tooling, better measurements, and better skills. On the other hand, they helped to change Raet’s culture: using agile transformation techniques, we explored and introduced new methods of steering and collaborating. In BPO, we also helped team members to also better plan and allocate work – and thus to avoid wasted time.”



“Although we made it perfectly clear to our software development and BPO teams that our focus was not on working ‘more’, but on working ‘smarter’, the biggest hurdle for team members was to overcome their fear of change, and to stop working in ways that had been in place for many years. But when staff saw that tedious tasks, such as the manual deployment of software, were being automated and had become much more reliable, or when they felt the benefits of working in autonomous scrum teams, enabling them to work much faster and without red tape, their resistance quickly faded. Furthermore, Nova Reperta ensured extensive handholding of Raet’s employees – from senior managers to junior developers. It was very much hands-on, not just theory…”



Greater client satisfaction

“From the very beginning, the people from Nova Reperta were very much part of the team. We succeeded together – or not at all. The results delighted not only us, but also our clients. Improved and much more consistent quality of our software and BPO services immediately resulted in greater client satisfaction – and kept clients with us.”


Your next move

Wherever your transformation journey may take you, let’s have a coffee first.