Le Pain Quotidien

Le Pain Quotidien (LPQ – French for the daily bread) is an international chain of bakery-restaurants known for their long wooden “communal tables”. They operate a large franchise network with hundreds of bakery-restaurant locations worldwide in dozens of countries. Le Pain Quotidien had trouble keeping up their sales and customer satisfaction due to a lack of consumer insights&interactions, as well as threats posed by competitors and Covid-19.

How can we build consumer insights and interact more and better with our customers?

How can we remediate revenue loss from a decrease of in-store sales due to Covid-19?

How can we increase operational efficiency and fend off competitors?

The approach

Together with Nova Reperta, LPQ transitioned from a product-led, inside-out company to a customer-led, outside-in company. We took a holistic approach to tackle these challenges, with three main components – Annick van Overstraeten, CEO Le Pain Quotidien


Step 1

Digital transformation

After executing an operational scan to get the digital basics right, we defined a future-proof systems landscape. Then, we started boosting online sales by continuously rolling out an e-commerce platform, integrating food delivery partners and implementing marketing automation processes.

Step 2

Go-to-market transformation

We defined what, where & how to sell products to which customers by identifying both ‘game-changing’ & ‘fix the fundamentals’ initiatives on food offering, channel strategy, pricing, market & communication and customer segmentation.

Step 3

Branding transformation

In a peculiar synergy between operational efficiency and customer centricity, we decided to standardize in-store design with a fit-for-purpose in-store experience. Doing so, we rearticulated the brand key & brand DNA, defining the design principles and tuning them towards archetypes of stores.

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