co.mobility’s goal is to deliver solutions that improve mobility in Belgium, which are accessible, durable, intermodal and economically viable, to answer citizen’s needs.

Where it all started

Improving mobility for its users is a major challenge our society has faced for the past century. Climate change, urbanization, fiscal advantages for company cars, the general inefficiency of the public transportation system …, are just some of the causes that are putting massive stress on the Belgian mobility system.

However, new technology is being developed and novel mobility concepts are employed that radically change the playing field.

It is up to us to take these formidable opportunities into our own hands and construct a new way of mobility, which is accessible, durable, intermodal, economically viable and answers to citizen’s needs.

co.mobility assembles the industry around a common interest with the aim of developing citizen-centric solutions for today’s mobility challenges. By using the complexity of the industry as an asset, we are able to develop solutions that just one single company could not create.

Our program guides a group of about 50 corporates, start-ups, scales ups, but also academics and industry experts, throughout a journey that leads to 6 mobility solutions and finally 5 prototypes.

So, let’s challenge mobility!

From a challenge to a business case


Offer multimodal solutions for specific target audiences and locations.


Transfer large amounts of people to remote economic sites.


Stimulate the further roll-out of electric vehicles.


Mobility is about people, not about vehicles.


Using cars and on-demand shuttles at full capacity.


Make full use of a citizen’s traveling time.

How we make our mark

The approach


Step 1


In co-creation with the founding partners, we have identified the strategic priorities to focus on, and the consortia of companies that tackle them. We decided to focus the effort of 50+ organisations on the topics of Multimodal Travel, Electrification, UX for commuters, Mobility hub experience, On-demand Mobility & Remote economic areas.

Step 2


During a concepting phase of 3 months, each consortium identified the key issues related to strategic priorities, who would be the beneficiaries and what would be a solution. We had 7 teams that delivered a deeply elaborated concepts, which included customer validation, a business model, financial plan, a roadmap and prototyping plan

Step 3


3 of the 7 teams were selected to iterative test & build out their concept into an MVP. Nova reperta acted as an innovation coach throughout 7 months, and helped the consortia in the testing & development of their product/service, and in some cases in the set-up, launch & acceleration of start-ups.


Our manifesto

This manifesto written by our founding partners AG Insurance, BNP Paribas Fortis, Brussels Airport Company, Infrabel, NMBS/SNCB, Touring, in collaboration with Accenture and Espace Mobilité is a substantial analysis of what is happening in the Belgian mobility landscape. It tackles the different challenges that mobility encounters, what shifts are already happening, and it gives a heads-up on what the future of mobility might look like.

The co.mobility ecosystem is convinced that ecosystems and co-creation have the power to reach impactful solutions and will make our country take a leadership position in the European landscape. Through this manifesto, co.mobility proposes a strong approach to achieve such transformations.

There are a wide range of mobility-related opportunities to be seized if innovative practices are leveraged. All of this can be done by actioning a series of levers that bring actors together to reach impactful solutions and accelerate the transition towards more efficient, durable and citizen-centric mobility.

Your next move

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